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It is a little known fact that most swimming pool builders actually contract out the work to spray a concrete shell but at Factory Pools we own our Concrete Pumps and the experienced team that builds the shell actually work for us. It gives us the best quality control and our amazing Structural Warranty.


To achieve the best Quality Control, we use our own machinery, so as well as our Concrete Pumps, we have machinery such as 10 ton Tippers; 1.5 & 5 ton Excavators and Posi -Track (Bobcat). So instead of hiring contractors, we have our own experienced construction team ready to tackle any size job and do it right. This requires a lot of investment on our part but the payoff is the best quality job for the Client. It also means that we are in this business for the long haul.


Based on the Sunshine Coast for over 16 years, we are a family owned and operated business having built more than 3600 swimming pools from Caboolture to the Cooloola Coast.


Our CONCRETE creations are the ultimate custom pool, as most are designed for each individual's specific need and wants. Our standard 200mm thick shells with extra reinforcement in each pool make our shells the strongest in the business, and come with a 25 year Structural Warranty.

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Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee
Customer Care

Factory Pools are a professional pool builder, authorised and trained by Maytronics to provide exceptional customer satisfaction guaranteed! Experience ongoing peace of mind; knowing your new pool was built by an Elite builder who uses products of the highest industry standard.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee
Climate Care Certified

The Climate Care Certification program is an initiative by the Swimming Pool & Spa Association (SPASA), and is critical in showcasing industry products which are energy efficient and environmentally sustainable. Purchasing a Climate Care Certified product means you can enjoy the benefits of choosing a solution which utilises water efficiency, energy efficiency, noise reduction measures, environmentally sustainable designs or efficiency/sustainability innovations.

Maytronics Mineral Swim and Dolphin are both Climate Care Certified products. In fact, Dolphin is the first robotic pool cleaner in the world to achieve this certification!