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GC Pools & Landscaping are your local Elite Pool Builder. GC Pools & Landscaping specialise in construction of concrete swimming pools. Choosing an Elite Builder gives you additional peace of mind that your new pool will be designed and completed to the highest industry standard.

GC Pools & Landscaping specialise in ensuring you have the best water quality by offering a market leading product, Mineral Swim. Mineral Swim is a 100% natural swimming pool system that offers the clearest, safest and healthiest water for your pool. Combining 100% natural Dead Sea minerals with ozone-to-oxygen water purification, Mineral Swim stimulates hydration, relaxes muscles and regenerates your skin. Mineral Swim is so gentle on the skin, it is ideal for skin allergy sufferers too!

GC Pools & Landscaping are also approved resellers of the market leading Maytronics Dolphin robotic pool cleaner. Powerfully built for the toughest mess, the Dolphin pool cleaner range features unrivalled technology, advanced innovation and user friendly operations to keep your pool water crystal clear all year round!


Using GC Pools and landscaping as your gold coast pool builder is the best decision you will make. We offer a complete service, no other gold coast pool builder offers, with 16 years landscaping experience we combine that knowledge with our inspiring pool designs to give you the complete job without the headaches of organizing different trades and without the costly builders mark ups charged by other gold coast pool builders.

After years of landscaping concentrating on pool surrounds, I became increasingly frustrated of hearing customers complain about their gold coast pool builder charging incredible prices, promising the world, and the hassles of organising so many tradesmen to complete their project. This inspired me to start up GC Pools and Landscaping and incorporate it in with the landscaping and give customers a service that will leave them fully enjoying, not only the pool but the whole construction process. With all that experience you get the added bonus that we know exactly what works and what doesn’t around pools to get maximum use of not just the pool but the whole yard.

Another unique factor to GC Pools and landscaping is “NO SALESMEN”. What does this mean and why is it important?

It means that as the owner and operator of the business, I will come to site personally to measure and put together your perfect pool and landscaping concept. The major problems with salesmen are they work on commission, so 1. It is an added cost and 2.Their priority is selling a pool no matter what it takes, they will promise the world to get the sale and then leave customers disappointed. As a landscaping business we have came in after many different gold coast pool builders and some of the things the salesman have said or promised are truly unbelievable. It often leaves the customers confused and disappointed and the rest of the tradesman in an impossible position. That is why this is so important, because we do the work ourselves, we don’t promise anything that we can’t deliver. This is a major factor in why we are the best gold coast pool builder.

Stop dreaming and either call or email your Premier Gold Coast Pool Builder and I will contact you and together we can come up your dream pool area and yard, knowing that you are trusting in the gold coast pool builder who can deliver on all promises, simplify the construction process and has the experience to give you maximum use of your dream project.

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Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee
Customer Care

GC Pools & Landscaping are a professional pool builder, authorised and trained by Maytronics to provide exceptional customer satisfaction guaranteed! Experience ongoing peace of mind; knowing your new pool was built by an Elite builder who uses products of the highest industry standard.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee
Climate Care Certified

The Climate Care Certification program is an initiative by the Swimming Pool & Spa Association (SPASA), and is critical in showcasing industry products which are energy efficient and environmentally sustainable. Purchasing a Climate Care Certified product means you can enjoy the benefits of choosing a solution which utilises water efficiency, energy efficiency, noise reduction measures, environmentally sustainable designs or efficiency/sustainability innovations.

Maytronics Mineral Swim and Dolphin are both Climate Care Certified products. In fact, Dolphin is the first robotic pool cleaner in the world to achieve this certification!